Hoover House c. 1875

The Hoover House was originally constructed in 1835 and was located at the northwest intersection of Dodge and Glen Oaks Roads on a 125-acre farm, this house was owned by George Hoover from c.1854-1883. Hoover was a farmer and salesman and eventually started an insurance company known as Erie and Niagara Insurance Association. As was typical of many houses in Amherst, the original small structure was enlarged several times as the family grew and prospered. In addition to farming, Mr. Hoover successfully sold farm machinery from the office wing. This house is a fine example of Victorian vernacular Italianate architecture, with its bonneted windows, bracketing and porch details. The Hoover House is sponsored by Erie and Niagara Insurance Association.

You can visit the Hoover House at the BNHV campus at 3755 Tonawanda Creek Road, Amherst, NY 14228 or online at BNHV.org.

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