Sweet Home Common School No. 15 c.1847

The Sweet Home Schoolhouse was originally built in 1847 for $125 and was located on Sweet Home Road, just south of the Tonawanda Creek. The school included a coal stove and outhouse. The school originally had 22 pupils. After the school was closed in 1948, it sat abandoned and derelict until it was removed to its present location in the 1970s. Since then, many updates have been made to stabilize the structure and preserve its original appearance. With money raised by the Amherst Women’s Interclub Council, BNHV staff was able to interpret the structure with many updates including an 1848-appropriate American Flag and pole, life-size cut-outs of a 19th century teacher and students, new signage and labels, a larger visitation gate on the interior, and even sensory experience elements such as recordings, music and sounds that would have been heard in a 19th century Buffalo-Niagara schoolhouse. Make sure to stop by during some of our upcoming fall and winter events to check out these updates!

In an effort to become a self-sustaining museum, BNHV is launching a number of development opportunities including the Adopt-a-House Program. With the first historic building now adopted, 10 other historic structures stand in wait of an available sponsor who can assist the museum in the restoration, preservation and interpretation of each building. Sponsorships are also available for the many public buildings, exhibits, educational programs and festivals the organization offers each year.

You can visit the Sweet Home School at the BNHV campus at 3755 Tonawanda Creek Road, Amherst, NY 14228 or online at BNHV.org.

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